Sovereignty, Vitality, Passion

The Three Pillars of The Great Life

The Wild Chiro
Photo credit: Boss Tweed via Visual Hunt / CC BY

A Scheduled State of Mind

Who is the gatekeeper to the expression of your physiology? All of us have moments in our life when altering...

Photo credit: DeeMakMak via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

Cannabis in the Chiropractic Practice?

What defines a substance as a “drug”? This is an article I wrote several years ago on an older free...

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go & The Caveman Brain

Pokémon Go has been an amazing source of entertainment for me lately. I’ve never played, but it’s been fun to...

favorite blonde

My Favorite Blonde

It’s almost my birthday, which means a few people who love me give me things I won’t buy for myself....

Resisting Rome

Resisting Rome

In Reggae Music they say Babylon: everything culturally and institutionally wrong with the world that goes against  the rule of...

Glen Lake

Life is the Treasure of The Alchemist – a photo essay

One of my favorite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and I felt like the main character of that...

Wild Rice

Wild Ben’s Wild Rice – Review – Plus Paleo Gluten Free Pancake Recipe

When I interviewed Ben Belty of the Wild Food Warehouse, I hadn’t ever had his rice before. I’d eaten what...


The Good Patriarch

The good patriarch Today is Father’s Day, and I count myself fortunate to have a few good men to call...


Being Man – Being Healthy – Being Strong

I was recently interviewed by Kristin Bogdonas for the University of Illinois Extension for their blog: Turnip the Beet! Nutrition...


“Yay Taboo” Haitian Artist and Wild Woman Jennifer Martineau on Words With The Wild Chiro

Decolonizing the mind by exploring taboo with Jenny And The Wild Chiro. This episode covers all those topics people aren’t...

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