Inspiration and Purification – Namebine Giizis – The Sucker Moon

Inspiration & The Moon in Spring

Where does inspiration come from? It’s such an important question. Nothing will bring more consistent success into your life than a quality source of inspiration. It’s the fuel for generating ideas and the drive to put in the hard work transforming those ideas into reality. Inspiration lifts you up above the fray and keeps you there when all the muck tries to pull you back down and drown you like Artax in The Neverending Story.

April 11, 2017 is the first full moon of April. To some of the Ojibwe nation, this moon is the Sucker Moon – Namebine Giizis – But despite the name and my last paragraph, this moon isn’t here to pull us back down and drown us. This moon is about the purification of the soul through cleansing rain, and the return of the healed healer who teaches us his ways. In some bands of Ojibwa people, February is Sucker Moon, not April. The Sucker moon is named after a fish. The Silver Redhorse, aka – the sucker fish. And the sucker fish has a story for us. A story about a cleansing journey and the restoration of the inspiration to begin again, renewed and healed.

In February the ice is thick and food is scarce. But if you cut a hole in the ice, you can spear sucker fish in abundance. In April the sucker fish returns to spawn in the creeks and rivers. They give their life in February, and disappear into the spirit world, only to return again in April, on Sucker Moon. They come back purified and regenerated. And full of life energy ready to start the cycle all over again.

April is a time of potentiality. Green things are just starting to grow. The liver purifying and tonifying greens are beginning to come up in the field and forests. Dandelion and nettle greens are young and tender. Some fresh and bitter flavor after a winter of dense foods preserved in salt, smoke, vinegar, and sugar. Their flavors are refreshing, and their chemistry is cleansing. If you want to do a nutritional cleanse, eating wild spring greens is a fantastic practice.

Purifying the Soul is an Inspirational Technology

The return of the sucker is meant to signify a journey from the spirit world back to the land of form. Winter is long and hard. It slows us down. Like the sucker who just sits there in the cold water and lets you spear him or catch him in a net. The gray and white can be beautiful in some moments, but ultimately we are solar driven beings, and the warmth of the sun is something we need. During this moon the power of the sun is growing strong enough to get green life started again. And our energy level needs to rise to meet it. We need the same inspiration and renewal as the sucker who returns to swim upriver and spawn.

But where does it come from?

The winter can be a rough time. It’s hard to feel motivated. My soul needs a boost to get going again. And winter can mean so many things. Winter can be any time that your lacking the metaphoric warmth of the sun in your life. Winter can be an illness. Winter can be a breakup, a house fire, a change in the laws governing your business, loss of employment, or simply employment that doesn’t feed your soul. Winter can be the loss of someone you love, or moving somewhere you wouldn’t choose for yourself, because it is where someone you love needs to be right now. Winter can be waking up to the news that your country is involved in yet another conflict in the Middle East.

Winter is when your mind gets dirty and cluttered – Spring is when its gets refreshed and cleansed – when you have the energy to start over again. The time for purification…

Inspiration often comes from those who have come before, from the stories of people who’ve already cycled through the season where you are now – successfully. Like the sucker who comes back refreshed and ready to create, these people have gone through the muck and mire to bring something new or improved into the world. The stories that inspire you may be different from the stories that inspire me. That’s one of the great things about being human. We all care about different things. For a person who’s focus is business the stories of Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet are likely sources of inspiration. For me those stories have wisdom but not inspiration.

Who Inspires Me?

For me stories of inspiration come from people who have found ways to work with the flow of energy through nature to change the civilized world for the better. Purification of the soul happens when the light shines in and burns away the darkness.

The tales of pioneer chefs such as Alex Atala of D.O.M., Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken, and the dynamic duo of Nancy Hinton and François Brouillard of À la table des jardins sauvages, tales of famous fine dining chefs repairing the culinary relationship between man and wild nature, are tales that refresh my soul. Seeing other humans place value on the unique qualities of wild foods and bringing the importance of environmental conservation through our relationship with food wipes away the crud of tales of endless war. They give me hope that someday we will get it right, and that my efforts will have been a part of that – a source of inspiration.

The tales of permaculture pioneers like Sepp Holzer who transformed a Swiss mountainside into a massively productive ecosystem, or any of the other permaculture pioneers and practitioners that are using the principles of ecology to create a new form of agriculture that respects the laws of nature vs constantly trying to fight them – these are inspirational stories that cleanse my soul.

Watching interviews with Elon Musk, the real man who the character of Tony Stark in Iron Man was modeled after – makes me hopeful for the future of humanity. Elon Musk’s success is proof that there is a demand for sustainable and clean technologies. Whether or not his technologies are truly clean or sustainable is another matter. But his success is proof that the concept is valid – that culture will back better ideas – even if they are slightly inconvenient.

Knowing that these people have had unconventional ideas and brought them into the world with a high level of success that not only created abundance for themselves, but literally changed the world with their faith, creativity and effort – keeps me working on the projects I hope will transform some corner of the world – or the human mind.

What About You?

Where do you find that cleansing wash of inspiration? What makes your soul feel pure and alive – ready to unleash your creative force on the world? Is it something you look for consciously? Do you ritualize the purification of your mind/body/soul into your life? What do you take into your body? Do you allow it to experience the shift of seasonably available foods by eating lots of cleansing leafy greens in spring when they are most abundant? Do you take account of what kinds of images, text, and audio you are consuming with your mind? Are you seeking out inspiration?

I can’t tell you what’s going to inspire you. You’ve got to seek it out. You’ve got to wash out the old and bring in the new. And that’s what this moon is all about – purification and renewal of mind/body/soul.

Sucker Fishing and Recipes:

Sucker fishing isn’t something I have done a lot of in the past. It is considered an inglorious fish by most sportsmen’s standards, and they are spawning at the same time that trout season opens. I aim to change that this month, and when the spawn starts, I’ll be down at the creek catching these guys and making fish cakes. This article from In-Fisherman magazine has some helpful hints if you want to join in on the tradition.

A video showing the massive abundance these fish brought to the Anishinaabe in spring

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Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash


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