Are you shining bright?

It’s May, Flower Moon to the Anishinaabe people, the month when the plants are showing their spirit essence in the form of blossoms. I’ve been out in the forest taking it all in. I’ve even learned some new plants, most notably the wild persimmon and the pawpaw. Pawpaws are North Americas largest fruit, and only tropical fruit. I’ve never eaten one, but now I know what they look like and where they live.

I wonder what the flowers of the pawpaw say about its spirit? They’re beautiful, a deep flesh red, but they don’t have a sweet smell. They smell as much like flesh as they look, in order to attract the flies that pollinate them instead of bees. They have a very low pollination success rate in nature, requiring pollination by an unrelated tree. One tree of each species has to fool the same fly at just the right time in flower development within an hour of the fly’s first taste of pawpaw pollen. It’s amazing it ever happens.

The Essence

Flowers are not present for long, they’re a brief glimpse into the essence of the plant. They put a lot of energy into making flowers. Many of them are quite nutritious. Black Locust blossoms are a favorite late spring food of mine. Locust blossoms smell very sweet, and have a flavor similar to snap peas.

Flowers are where we get many essential oils. Huge quantities of flower petals are distilled into a few ounces of potent essential oil to be used for perfume and/or medicine. Each oil and each flower having its own unique scent and properties. Rose is one of the best. Though they’re all wonderful, we really do seem to value the roses most. Essential oil of rose is extremely costly, but worth every penny. I wonder what that says about the spirit of the rose? Even the wild, white, mulitflora rose has an astonishingly intoxicating aroma. My favorite mead recipe is an old Roman recipe that uses rose petals and hips infused into the fermenting honey.

What of Your Essence?

Plants flower and show us their best. They shine for the rest of the world for a brief moment, and during that moment it may be a good time to examine how your essence is presenting itself. What are you showing the world? Are your actions and intentions aligned with soul?


Look at what kind of blossoms are showing up in your life. Are you in fact blossoming? Or are you laying dormant and hiding the expression of your gifts? Or has your energy been diverted towards other tasks than being the you the universe wanted? Do you need to find a new source of soul energy to truly shine?


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