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All Mushrooms are Magic

Medicinal mushrooms have straight up saved my life on several occasions. To be sure, going to the doctor for a prescription antibiotic probably would have too; but there was a time in my life when I didn’t have access to that, and my knowledge of medicinal mushrooms kept me around. I don’t recommend other people do the same, it’s a huge gamble and there are no guarantees you will win. Still, those moments showed me the power of the medicinal chemistry bound up in those mysterious little organisms that seem to appear out of the ground like magic when the conditions are right.

Why Mushrooms are Magic

Fungi are kind of like plants, and kind of like animals. Which means they have to deal with similar health challenges that animals have to deal with, but cannot move away from them, which makes them similar to plants. To protect themselves, fungi – mushrooms included – produce potent offensive chemistries. When we ingest these chemistries, they are often active within us in various ways, since we’re similar enough to fungi that their defense strategies can help us as well.

If you’re thinking “They can’t be all that powerful” look back to the history of penicillin, the “drug” that started the era of the antibiotic in 1928. It’s a compound produced when a certain fungi gets stressed out. The fungus makes penicillin to defend itself, and you and I benefit. It was a life changing discovery. So “mushrooms” may have saved your life too without you even knowing.

Mushroom compounds can affect enzymatic pathways in the body. They can be directly attack harmful invaders or help boost our bodies ability to do so on their own. Some have compounds that stimulate nerve growth factors that seem to help neurons repair. The list of activities of medicinal, and even some edible mushrooms, is so large that people have written many books about it. Some of the books have lists of conditions that mushrooms have been researched for, coupled with citations for that research. Paul Stamets’ book Mycelium Running is a favorite of mine

Using Medicinal Mushrooms

It takes some knowledge to get into medicinal mushroom use… if you are doing it the traditional way. If you are going out into the forests and fields to find and prepare your own medicinal compounds and preparations, then you’ve got some work to do. It’s the cheapest way, it gives you the absolute finest product there is. But…. you need the knowledge, time, and sometimes have to travel to find them – and – then you actually have to prepare and use them. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you don’t like the taste or the preparation takes too long etc.

So the best way to get medicinal mushrooms into your life is to get the ones you will actually use…

For me, that is either sucking it up and making my own tinctures, or getting some quality pre-prepared and delicious medicinal mushroom foods and beverages from a company called Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic does a great job of properly preparing a tremendous variety of medicinal mushrooms into an assortment of teas, coffees, cocoas, and more that taste great and deliver the goods. I enjoy the flavors, all you need to prepare them is a cup of hot water and something to stir them in.

Many medicinal mushrooms have bitter flavor profiles that match well with the tannin rich flavor of roasted coffee beans or the alkaloids in chocolate. On their own the flavor can be a challenge for some, they don’t taste bad, but they don’t taste as delicious as chocolate. Let’s face it – you’re probably addicted to coffee, chocolate, or both – to some degree or another. So why not harness that drive to get those drinks into your body with a product that delivers some of the most potent health promoting compounds of the natural world?

Your 10% off Code

To get 10% off Four Sigmatic products, enter the coupon code: thewildchiro at checkout – that easy!

If that sounds like a sales pitch, it’s because it is. I get a small commission for helping you find Four Sigmatic when you use that code, and your price doesn’t change. No shame involved for me here with this one. The best way to get into medicinal mushrooms is to buy some books, read them, then go find someone to tour you through the forest and show you how in person, and then make them on your own. It’s the simple truth.

Will you do that? Maybe 1-2% of you reading this will, or already do. The rest just don’t have the time or desire to do it on your own. Or you would just prefer to have some tea, coffee, or cocoa instead of a bitter raw mushroom extract each morning or evening. I know, because I do the same thing. Why do I find myself buying Reishi Coffee when I have a half pound of ultra potent wild harvested reishi at my house that I found myself? Convenience and a desire to drink coffee instead of a mildly flavored tea that takes 30 minutes to prepare.

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