Food Before Pills – Why Probiotic Supplements May Be Harmful

Food Before Pills – Why Probiotic Supplements May Be Harmful


I hate taking pill based supplements. I forget to take them, I’m never sure if they are good quality or not, they are expensive, and I have suspected for a long time that there is no supplement for consistently eating good quality food. In the case of probiotics it appears that may be the case. There have been a few studies that have come out recently showing that probiotic supplements might contribute to brain fog and small intenstinal bacterial overgrowth, in addition to increasing the time before an individuals microbiome repopulates itself after taking antibiotics.

So What to Do?

There is no substitute for eating a whole food diet absent of artificial food products and high in fruits and vegetables. That coupled with good sleep when the sun is down and activity when the sun is up is essential for good health. But fermented foods are also a good option for improving our microbe and something our ancestors all did until about 70 or 80 years ago.

This can result in improvements in as little as three days in most people, but a strict diet that eliminates foods one has an allergy to for at least six months may be necessary for others.

Cheat Meals

While it sounds great that we can make improvements in as little as three days, that also means that we can cause damage very quickly too. Cheating on a ¬†diet once a week might mean that our micro biome isn’t ever what we would hope it to be.

Get Your Brain in Gear

Believe it or not, the health of your brain actually plays a huge role in your micro biome as well. The brain monitors the micro biome through the vagus nerve and mobilizes the immune system to select what kinds of organisms it wants to survive in the gut.

Read about that




Get Adjusted!

Really! Getting a chiropractic adjustment can enhance the function of the vagus nerve, so getting adjusted may actually be of vital importance in restoring healthy gut bacteria, since a healthy vagus is necessary for a healthy micro biome.

And Worcestershire Sauce

Believe it or not, Worcestershire sauce was actually a fermented probiotic food at some point. It involves the British spice trade with India and a fish sauce. I got the story a little off in the video I posted, but the majority of the story was on point. So here is how it actually happened.




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