My Yoga Story

My Yoga Story

My first memory of doing yoga is finding a way into Scorpion Pose, Vrschikasana, on the carpeted floor of the apartment I lived in during my last year of chiropractic college. Scorpion pose isn’t a typical first memory for a yoga practice, but there it is – I wanted to scorpion pose and so I did it.

It would be nice to say that my whole life changed after starting yoga, that everything was better, and I practiced daily and never looked back. Instead it is more like I promptly forgot about yoga after a month of practice and didn’t get back into again for years. Eventually a girlfriend invited me to come to a class led by an Indian instructor who showed me that yoga is something more in the only way the wold have made a difference for me, by leading an excellent practice that I found great benefit in, and being a good example. Still, I didn’t stick with it for the long term.

It was a few years later that I picked it back up. That girlfriend was gone, my life consisted of a miserable super commute to a job that was stressful. I took up yoga classes in exchange for chiropractic care because yoga was what kept me sane while dealing with the stress of that job and my life, which is probably why a great number of yoga practitioners find their way onto the mat if they are honest about it.

Yoga Influences Me

During that time period, where I maintained a consistent practice for several years, I found that yoga was a tremendous compliment to chiropractic care. The two worked synergistically, greatly enhancing the benefits from either practice or method. As I had been writing a book on healing traditions from around the world for years already, I began to study how yoga and chiropractic might be related at a greater level.

My Conclusion: Chiropractic is almost identical to yoga. It is a physical method for expressing a flexible mind and body that more accurately sees the world as it is and responds to it more and more optimally over time. If you have ever read the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali you will recognize how similar that is to the original intent of yoga. If you have never read it, and have a serious interest in yoga, I recommend that you do, or read the ebook OS Nature On Yoga linked at the bottom of this page.

Getting to The Core of it All

Perhaps you are thinking that chiropractic has nothing to do with any of that and it’s really all about back pain. The truth is, just as in yoga, most people who use chiropractic have little interest in exploring or serving at the full depth of what is possible with chiropractic taken to the level of art. Fast paced yoga is a great physical exercise for maintaining flexibility and muscle tone. Fast chiropractic is great for back pain. Slow down each of these just a little, take some time to really explore what is happening with the body, to connect to it, to work with it, and amazing transformation and growth becomes possible.

Chiropractic doesn’t replace yoga, but yoga cannot replace chiropractic either. They work together and I cannot imagine trying to be my best without both. When someone is seeking more health in their life, yoga and chiropractic are a perfect combo.

Yoga People

One of the greatest things about yoga is the people who love it. Some of my greatest friends that I hope will be lifelong I have met through yoga. There is a tremendous variety of personality within the yoga community. It’s a wonderful thing and I am thankful for having made the acquaintance of so many wonderful people who have taught me so many things.

Free E-Book

Yoga took on a greater role in my book than I expected. While the complete book is excellent, it’s also 100K words, which is a significant investment in time for most people. So I decided to make a condensed e-book with much of the yoga content, but leaving out the lions share of massage and chiropractic information. I have also chosen to offer this content as a gift.

Simply click the link below and get the book, no email signup required.

OS Nature On Yoga



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