Chiropractic is Simple

Your brain and body must be in constant communication with themselves, and with the outside world.

There are sensors inside the body that monitor everything that happens within it.

There are sensors on the outside of the body that monitor everything that happens in the outside world.

Your brain has to decide which sensors at which time, are the most important to devote its limited attention and resources to.

Sometimes there are errors in transmitting information between the two.

Sometimes there are errors in processing the information.

These errors create pain and suffering when severe enough. Or, enough errors add up together to become a real problem we need to pay attention to immediately.

Chiropractic helps reduce errors in transmitting & processing by stimulating the nerves that carry the information to the brain and even the brain cells that process it.

Chiropractic is about resilience

Sometimes there is too much information to pay the required amount of attention to, and we have to make a choice.

The more attention we pay to the outside world, the less we pay to properly regulating our own body.

We make temporary sacrifices in internal organization to meet the demands of the outside world when we have to.

This is supposed to be a short term solution. For example, we increase our blood pressure and stress hormones to create a temporary state of hypertension coupled with anxiety that helps us escape a tiger.

Once we escape the tiger our blood pressure and anxiety about it should disappear and we should become calm and happy again.

But sometimes the stressors last too long, and the sacrifices start causing problems.

When we are chronically stressed for any reason, these temporary sacrifices become more and more permanent.

These sacrifices might result in:

  • Blood pressure changes leading to hypertension or hypotension
  • Poor posture leading to pain syndromes and spinal degeneration
  • Psychological hyper vigilance leading to fatigue and anxiety
  • Back pain & neck pain
  • Headaches
  • High cortisol leading to sleeplessness or unrestful sleep & tendon or ligament injury
  • Poor digestion leading to IBS, constipation, etc
  • Food cravings for fat, salty, & sweet leading to weight gain or obesity
  • Muscle stiffness & decreased fitness and athletic performance

Chiropractic restores:

  • Chiropractic restores the connection between the brain and body when it has been disrupted.
  • Chiropractic restores the focus of the brain on restoring order and function within the body instead of expending energy on the outside world.

Which does this for you!

  • Breaks the cycle of stress
  • Kickstarts the healing process
  • Helps you to recover and build resources for the next stressful life event you encounter
  • Takes more or less time and repetition depending upon your level of internal resources and length of time your body has been focused on dealing with the outside world at the expense of internal harmony.

Chiropractic helps make you better

  • Chiropractic isn’t a cure for your obesity, or your neck pain, or your hypertension or anxiety, but it may help you recover from any or all of these.
  • Your body is self healing. If you cut your finger, it heals itself. So why haven’t you healed?
  • Your body will only heal what it is aware of and prioritizes the allocation of resources towards.
  • If your focus is outside – resources go outside.
  • If your focus is inside – resources get directed inside – this means healing, growth & repair.
  • Chiropractic helps direct your focus inside – so it helps you heal.

If you would like chiropractic:

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That is the simple version…

That’s the basics. Chiropractic restores the connection between brain and body in a way that focuses its resources most appropriately to help you deal with the challenges the world throws at you.

If you would like a little more explanation, read these books

If you would like the really complex, but super detailed version, read this article

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