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Our Approach

Outcome focused, movement, and neurologically based care designed to revitalize the spine.

Humans are unique in the animal kingdom. Our large brains mean we are born developmentally immature. Balanced posture and graceful movement develop from birth to age 4 in humans, and have a tendency to degrade over time in a typical fashion that looks just like the aging process.

Secondary to this degeneration of movement and posture we experience a multitude of painful conditions, things people typically associate with chiropractic care such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder or other athletic injuries. .

The Chiropractic approach is focused on leveraging the ability of the brain to learn and adapt, in order to shift this degenerative process into reverse, hopefully ridding you of all those nagging secondary complaints along with.

Our methods of caring for the spine are neurologically based. We will be working with reflexes embedded in the spine that develop strategies for self awareness and self correction — you’ll leave the clinic well informed and confident that your health is in good hands.

What others have had to say

Dr. Fox has been immensely helpful in getting to the root of my problems and helping me bring more awareness to where it is needed.I have been to many chiropractors over the past few years and he has ,by far, been the most help to me

Dr. Fox and NSA has changed my life. At this point I have been seeing him for about a month and the changes have been nothing short of amazing. If you are looking to improve your well-being on a holistic level I highly suggest giving NSA a try. With the help of Dr. Fox I am finally starting to work through some health challenges I had previously been unable to overcome.

Dr. Fox is hands-down the most amazing and gifted healer I have ever worked with. He’s approach is personable and caring and he is willing to listen and work with you to figure out any challenge. He is also a gifted presenter and came to our YTT to present on functional movement. As a yoga teacher this presentation was intriguing and beneficial and moved me to become a patient of his. He has a deep knowledge of his work and it shows in his ability to share information and teach as well as heal.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Fox for about 2 years now. His approach to health and wellness is unlike many others. He comes across with such patience, intelligence and truly is a genuine person and Dr. He’s helped me gain more control of my anxiety, body movement/breath and overall state of being. I highly recommend him!

Dr Fox is an amazing healer and chiropractor. He has a truly amazing gift for understanding​ the systems of the body and how to make subtle adjustments that make a big difference. After working with him for more than a year I feel vast improvements in the way my body moves and functions. I can’t say enough good things about his work. It must be experienced.

Dr. Fox’s methods worked for me when traditional chiropractic never did (long term). He teaches your body to heal itself. 10/10 would recommend.

Fantastic!! Dr. Fox is a awesome doctor! I wouldn’t be able to walk, so, stand, or even breath without pain if it wasn’t for this wonderful man! I’d recommend him to anyone & everyone!

You are an amazing human?

The human brain astonishes me. Nothing else has the same kind of horsepower for learning and adaptation. The human brain has an amazing ability to adapt to the world around it, but that’s not unique in nature. The most amazing feature of the human brain is that it can adapt the world around it to its own needs or wants.

But being this amazing creates some unique challenges. Our brains learn and adapt to everything. We get much better at every single thing we repeat on a frequent basis. Before the explosion of technology at the end of the 19th century, our brains got better at adapting to challenges in the natural world. Now our bodies are getting better at adapting to challenges we have created ourselves with our technology based lifestyles.

Do you sit in a desk all day? Your body will get better at it. Do you text and scroll social media as much as the average person? Your body will get better at that too. Being well adapted to sitting and texting requires a sacrifice in function elsewhere.

Studies have linked sitting to a greater risk for colon, breast and endometrial cancers. The reason is unclear, but one theory is that excess insulin encourages cell growth.

Unfortunately this places our body at odds with the demands of the “natural” world. Our bodies are designed for regular and varied movement during daylight hours. Our bodies express health by adapting to a variety of physical challenges such as lifting, walking, running, swimming, crawling among a number of other physical activities.

We were all once expert movers for gathering firewood, escaping predation by larger animals or other humans, caring for livestock, and hunting or gathering. Humans are some of the best generalist movers on Planet Earth, one reason for our ability to dominate its landscape.

Everything you do is training!

It’s unavoidable at time to run yourself ragged to get something done and make it through a life challenge. But If you get good at living a high RPM life for weeks to months, or even years at a time, it means you’re training away your ability to relax and focus energy on healing yourself.

Unless you are that exceptional human being who consciously expresses your full movement potential in a variety of settings, unless you take time to relax and focus energy towards self restoration, you are training to get better at slowly destroying yourself in crisis mode.

I’m not OK with that for my own life, and I hope you aren’t either.

I know what I did to get my movement potential back, and I know what I do to combat stress as best as I can, and I know how to help you do the same.

What is this practice all about?

The short answer is helping others the same way chiropractic has helped me.

I’ve been a chiropractic consumer for a long time. The word patient doesn’t quite feel right. I’ve only felt like a “patient” in a chiropractic setting on a few occasions. Like the time I overextended on an high dive and sprained my lumbar spine. I felt like a patient that time. But you wouldn’t say you were an athletic trainer’s patient, or massage patient, or a yoga patient.

For me chiropractic has become a necessary part of a lifestyle designed to give me a level of comfort and self awareness in my body that I think very few people get to experience – because the brain and body learn to get better at what you ask them to repeat, and chiropractic is something natural human beings living in a civilized environment are well served to repeat if they wish to generate a sense of resilience and ease as they move through life.

My chiropractic story – and why it may relate to your experience

When I was 5 years old I suffered chronic ear infections. Initially my parents did what most parents do – and took me to the pediatrician for another round of antibiotics, which I recall enjoying the flavor of, and experiencing quite regularly.

Eventually they got bad enough that my parents listened to my uncle, a chiropractor in another town, and took me to see a friend of his. I got adjusted, and the ear infection went away. I soon learned that if my parents got me in to see the chiro as soon as my ear started to itch, my body would rid itself of the infection before it became a problem.

High school meant BMX racing. And that meant epic bike wrecks, torn muscles, broken bones, and more scrapes and bruises than I could count. And chiropractic became my secret weapon for speedy recover and improving my balance before big races.

Chiropractic works by restoring the flow of information coming from the body to the brain. This means the brain is better able to know where the body is in space, and respond to changes in the environment – like clearing a 15 foot jump on a motocross track before entering a banked cement turn with 7 other racers.

In chiropractic college, I learned a few things. One was that my horrible posture was correctable. I had terrible posture even though I had decent chiropractic care my whole life. It required more than chiropractic. Hacking my movement dysfunction with a set of stretches and exercises specific to the movement dysfunction causing my poor posture was what did the trick. I was angry that I was never told this was possible, or how to do it. I promised myself I would help other people with the same problem once I realized I could.

Currently – I have not had significant back pain for almost a decade – I get adjusted to enhance internal self aware through the ability of the artfully delivered chiropractic adjustment to enhance sensory integration.

Your brain gets better at what you ask it to do. I am asking it to develop better self awareness. I don’t have pain anymore. My posture is fine. But self awareness on a physical, mental, and emotional level – that’s where I am currently deriving value from chiropractic care.

I can be a bit of a slow learner. I tend to repeat patterns of experiences. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. People tend to repeat patterns in relationships, careers, unhealthy behaviors, and many other critical aspects of life.

I’m not going to say my life has been perfect since undertaking NSA care and I’ve broken all my old patterns. But each time I repeat an experience I am more aware of how I am physically reacting, more objective and honest with myself about that experience. Instead of getting extremely angry or frustrated by it, I learn from it.

To me that is just as valuable, perhaps more valuable, than walking through life with a pain free spine.

Can I help you?

Your goals as a healthcare consumer are the number one factor in determining whether you will find that the answer to this question is a yes or a no.

  • I can help you develop greater self awareness
  • I can help you develop self regulating strategies to deal with tension
  • I can help you to become more energy efficient & less tense
  • I can help you more accurately perceive the demands of the world around you
  • I can help you learn what patterns of movement dysfunction you have now
  • I can help you find exercises and stretches that will correct them
  • I can help you find other wellness resources to support your goals

If your goal is to get rid of the pain you have right now or within a very short period of time. The answer to that question is… sometimes… because pain is really an emotion.

Chronic low back pain has a tremendous personal and socioeconomic impact, yet the underlying pathology remains a mystery in the majority of cases.

That quote comes from a  study that used a machine learning program to analyze structural MRI scans of the brain to detect chronic low back pain – without any imaging of the low back – it was 76% accurate. That’s better than a doctor looking at an x-ray or MRI of the low back itself.

Chronic back pain is more related to functional changes in the brain than structural changes in the body. Sure – acute pain after something like a car accident is a different matter. But pain that’s been around for more than a few months is its own animal.

The brain needs to rewire itself. It needs to learn to relax. Chiropractic is just one piece of the puzzle in that process, but it can be the thing that tips the scales towards healing.

And a lack of pain does not mean you cannot benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care, especially as offered at Healing Rivers Chiropractic, promotes enhanced levels of wellbeing.

In the below referenced research study of 2,596 patients across 156 different chiropractic offices, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care has been shown  to increase the impact of healthy lifestyle choices on physical, mental/emotional health, and life enjoyment by 3X!

There is a positive relationship between the experience of NSA care and self-reported improvements in wellness 

In that same study, NSA care on its own was able to increase those same health measures by 43% – which shows just how adaptable and enhanceable your brain and body truly are!

Perception – Interpretation- Adaptation: this three step process is how we interact with the world around us and our ability to do these three things well determines the quality of life we experience on a daily basis.

Chiropractic care is intended to create accurate perception and interpretation, this is how something as seemingly unrelated to overall wellbeing as chiropractic can enhance the effectiveness of all the other good choices we make.




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