My Preferred Hemp Based Products

I have chosen Receptra Naturals after sampling products from dozens of companies. Receptras products are the first that truly surprised me in positive way by providing noticeable benefit, being prepared from organic, American grown hemp FLOWERS – not seeds or stalks – with ethanol, and having that quality of being “a special something” when I first dropped a sample under my tongue.


My Preferred Medicinal Mushroom Products

The best medicinal mushroom supplement is the one you will use. Four Sigmatic products are enjoyable replacements for drinks that you’re probably already consuming. Why not add in the health promoting benefits of these power Planimals?! Planimals (Plant Animals) – Fungi have characteristics of plants and animals, which is why the chemistry they produce is so useful for us, they’re a bridge across kingdoms.

Citified, Simplified, ReWilding Related Products for the non DIY types

I’ve been following the work of this companies founder for years now, but rarely ever order from them. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the feeling that this company was started only because most people prefer to purchase things ready made rather than make them themselves. In the early days of YouTube Daniel Vitalis released information video after informational video, offered in person classes and online learning programs. Then he started Surthrival and started selling ready made products. Many of the supplements he offers I make myself: pine pollen tincture, reishi tincture, chaga tincture.

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