What Was the Curse of The House of Tudor?

What was the curse of Henry the VIII?

Henry the VIII, of the House of Tudor, is one of the most infamous of England’s kings. On a quest for a viable male heir, Henry went through six wives and founded The Anglican Church. His first wife, Katherine, was pregnant six times, and only produced one daughter. His second wife Ann, also produced a daughter, and was beheaded after a miscarriage. His third wife, Jane Seymour, did produce a male heir, but died in the process. The boy only lived to age 15.

Was the Tudor king cursed?

There are rumors of a curse having its origins with Philip the Fair of France, and the date of Friday the 13th of October, in the year 1307 – the day Philip the Fair tortured and burned the Knights Templar at the stake under accusation of Sodomy. Jacques De Molay, the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Templars, before burning that day, cursed the line of Philip the Fair for 13 generations. And Friday the 13th became a day we all associate with the potential for calamity.

The blood of Philip traces its way to Henry through Philip’s daughter Isabella – The She-Wolf of France and later Queen Consort of England.

We may never know the truth of why all of King Henry’s sons were so frail, and his daughters so powerful. But we do know that the symbol of the House of Tudor is a Rose. When Henry the VII killed King Richard in the Battle of Bosworth Field, he put an end to the struggle between the houses of Lancaster and York, the red and white roses respectively.

The Tudor rose is red and white – the rose of union. There are some though, who say the rose has nothing to do with either house, and was a symbol of Mary, mother of Christ, that had been around for centuries. The Virgin Mary held a very symbolic place within the Tudor family. Henry the VII’ sone Henry the VIII, also named his best warship the Mary Rose – because of a prophecy surrounding the oils used during his coronation. The Virgin Mary aka Mary de Rose, told Sir Thomas Becket, who received the coronation oils from the virgin “The first King of England to be anointed by these oils shall recover by force the land lost by his forefathers.” This meant Aquitaine and Normandy in France.

To keep with the cursed theme, the Mary Rose sank when she fired all of her cannons simultaneously on one side and, while tilted, was caught by a strong gust of wind and tipped over.

But why the rose at all?

It’s easy at times to forget that before they were conquered by Rome, the tribes of England were not christian. They followed nature based religions. And like all the conquered peoples of the Roman Empire, they retained vestiges of their old pagan faiths in some of the holidays and rituals they observed.

The legend of King Arthur is an example of the struggle between the old and new ways. Arthur was a civilized christian, and yet there are many paths linking Arthur to the pagan world of the Celts.

The name Arthur itself appears to derive from the Celtic word Art, meaning “bear”. Could Arthur, like so many other Celtic gods, be merely a personification of the many reverred animals of the wild? Later to become humanized like Loucetios, one of several Celtic deities known to be able to transform themselves into birds or beasts of the forest. Many such gods had stellar associations and the constellation of Ursa Major or the Great Bear is sometimes known as Arthur’s Wain even today.

And still to this day these old ways are preserved in tradition. Charles, Prince of Wales, in his book Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, waxes nostalgic for the old ways, for hedgerows, and a time when Sacred Geometry was observed and used in the building trades to inspire the best qualities in the men and women who came to gather in public places such as Cathedrals and Courts.

In this fascinating presentation on the Sacred Yew – Michael Dunning, a Yew Shaman, describes how he was healed by an ancient Yew on the land of an old English Lord whose family had been performing pagan ceremonies in a style you would recognize from Ragnar Lothbrok’s adventures at the Temple of Uppsala on the TV show Vikings.

The yew is the tree of magic. They live for 10,000 years and emit a hallucinogenic toxin. But the rose is the symbol of royalty. Why? The rose family is one of the most important commercial plant families, and includes apples, pears, quinces, medlars, loquats, almonds, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, sloes, and, of course, the rose flower. The rose family produces wealth and abundance. And the rose family often has flowers with five petals. When it has more, the number is almost always a multiple of five, a very sacred number.

The meaning of the number five

The number five is the most sacred of all the prime numbers in geometry. The reason? The number five is the number of life, it describes the structure of the natural world, including that of humans. The pentagram is often a symbol of life in sacred geometry.

See Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man as an example of the pentagonal structure of man.

Photo credit: GeometerArtist via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is a spiritual practice at heart. It is based upon the belief that God is the Great Geometer, and within his creations, there are lessons. Mathematics – geometry in particular, is is one of the languages God used to encode those lessons. Geometry is a language we can learn to understand. To study Sacred Geometry through observation of the living world, is a quest to see the into the divine intent, to know the soul of the natural world.

Flower Moon – To study the soul through the observation of life

The Anishinaabeg name for the month of May, the fifth solar month coincidentally, is Waawaaskone Giizis, the flower moon. This is the month when plants flower and show us their spirit aspects. The air during this moon contains powerful medicine. And while it may not seem like it to anyone with allergies, pollens are an incredibly potent food and medicine. Pine Pollen contains natural testosterone analogues. And no doubt other pollens contain other interesting medicinal qualities. This pollen is, of course, in addition to the volatile aromatic compounds the flowers release, which we can distill and concentrate as essential oils. The medicinal properties of these oils have been known and studied for thousands of years. When Shakespeare said “Rosemary, that’s for remembrance” He was correct from a scientific perspective.

What is the most important action for May – the Flower Moon – WAAWAASKONE GIIZIS?

Go outside! Take in the soul essence that these plants gift us for this brief time between the crushing cold of winter and the oppressive heat of summer. Remember that however you believe we got here, the soul of nature reveals itself when we find a way to observe its workings in detail. For you that may be mathematics. It may be taste, smell, touch. It might be the shamanic experience of using the innate, heart based perception we are all capable of to see, feel, or know the essence of the living things that surround you. However it is that you connect to nature and learn, or heal, or simply relate, engage with nature consciously. Life is growing at an astonishingly rapid pace this month. There is so much to learn, and not all of it is learned with your head, you’ve got to feel, taste, smell, touch, this moon. Energy is available to make things grow: plants or plans. Take action now!

The Wild Chiro is Dr. Peter J Fox – Practicing chiropractor and author of the forthcoming book Operating System Nature: The Birth of The Tradition – a first principles look traditional healing practices through the three major epochs of human history and where we can take them in the future. If you would like to be made aware on publishing day, add your E-mail in the box below.

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