Who is The Wild Chiro?

Who is The Wild Chiro?

Why choose the name Wild Chiro? I’ve always thought of chiropractors as the cowboys of the healing world. In the romanticized sense. The reality of both chiropractors and cowboys is far from the way I thought of them when I was small boy. Chiropractors to me represented freedom and self sufficiency, the idea that getting adjusted and living a healthy lifestyle would create a life expressing my three core values: sovereignty, vitality, and passion.

Core values

Hopefully you live a life that expresses the values you hold in the highest regard. And not just your values, but what you value. I’ve always valued the natural world. I don’t place it on a pedestal. I’m not the type to say humanity is a parasite the world would be better off without. Nor am I the type to say the world is here specifically for our benefit. We are here, it supports us, we are wise to care for it.

What is wild about chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the art science and philosophy of things natural… and then it is a system of adjusting the spine. But first, it is the art science and philosophy of things natural. Chiropractic is to medicine as Permaculture is to chemical based agriculture. One focuses upon the flow of energy through living systems in ways that enhance vitality and abundance. The other focuses on single measurements and uses intellect and technology to force natures hand into giving up the desired outcome. That outcome being yield in agriculture and a certain blood pressure or cholesterol measurement in medicine.

They are two completely different approaches to life. Chiropractic, being the branch of the healing arts that looks to the wisdom of nature, is to me inherently wild.

Wild: (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

Sure you can tame chiropractors. You can breed the cowboy out and keep the wild ideology out of the professional discourse, but it’s not really chiropractic anymore. Canis lupus and Canis lupus familiaris – the grey wolf and the domestic dog – are the same species. But one has been domesticated, it is tame, harmless, better socialized. It is useless except for companionship and the single task it was bred for.

Manipulation of vertebrae for the purpose of reliving back and neck pain is a great cause. But it does nothing to develop an enhanced relationship between man and the flow of energy through nature. It is the task of a technician. Not the practice of a doctor seeking to advance the art, science and philosophy of things natural.

Wolves and Cowboys

That is what makes chiropractors wild – they are members of a long history of healers that trust and respect the natural world. They see humans and nature as synergistic agents working in harmony. When someone falls ill, the chiropractor does not say “What is wrong with the genes of this person? How can I alter their physiology through force of chemistry?” They say “What is preventing this individual from expressing the adaptive potential gained through millennia of evolution that should be maintaining them in a state of vitality?”

What does a cowboy do? The cowboy follows cows through grazing territory and protects them while making sure they have what they need to grow strong. He is a guardian of solar energy as it accumulates within the cow in the form of protein and fat made from grass and water. He is the facilitator for an ecological process that results in an abundance of energy.

The modern grocery store cow, grain fed in a confinement lot using antibiotics to keep it from dying before reaching market, is something entirely different. It’s force fed nature. It comes with a steep cost. This type of feeding grows inflammation producing meat with an imbalanced fatty acid profile. It also requires acres of land and a tremendous quantity of water oil based chemistry and transportation. It is a force fed style of interacting with nature, where humans impose their will from a value system that sees nature as an enemy to be controlled.

I could continue on adding illustrative depth to the difference between the viewpoint of humanity as above nature vs. the viewpoint of humanity as a part of nature, and I have in the book Operating System Nature: The Birth of The Tradition, and will in future posts. But for now I will simply

The duty of a wild chiropractor

What is the duty of the wild chiropractor? To discover how the natural flow of envy through the body, the food supply, civil infrastructure, etc, is interacting with the genetic legacy of our ancestors. A wild chiropractor is a chiropractor who sees nature as an ally in healing and expressing life at higher and higher levels of abundance. In ecology that process is called succession. As an ecosystem matures it reaches plateaus where it gathers energy awaiting the next push upward and forward. In human life we call that investing, growing, evolving.

Through creating a life of alignment with the natural flow of energy – within the spine and body and within the body and the ecosystems that surround it – a wild chiropractor serves man and nature by healing both to heal and evolve to the next level. He, or she, is a vitality generator!

Photo Credit: The Cattle Herders by Tobias Keller on Unsplash


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