Vaccines – Why I haven’t written about them until now

Why haven’t I written anything about vaccines?

I’m a chiropractor, The Wild Chiropractor, and I haven’t written anything about vaccines, until today. And the reason is because I recently discovered there is a chiropractor known as The Wild Doc who writes and speaks about them often.

Despite the similar names we’re nothing alike. Our brands are unique. We have very different views in some key areas. I have no desire to write anything about vaccines beyond this post, and my reasons will be clearly stated here.

Am I opposed to The Wild Doc?

Some of the material The Wild Doc presents is in line with my values, but most of it I don’t have any opinion on at all. I’m glad he exists and I hope he’s helping people to heal and reconnect with the natural world. But I choose to remain silent on most of the topics he focuses on.


One of the greatest influences in my career was Reggie Gold. Reggie had an amazing ability to focus on a positive approach to a healthier world. Meaning that he chose not to focus on anything at all related to the practice of medicine at a time when the main focus of many chiropractors was to slam Classical Western Medicine, or Allopathic medicine as it has been derogatorily referred to by many “alternative” practitioners.

Here is a video of a classic Reggie conversation on vaccination – relevant portion starts right around 3:30

There is no reason for a chiropractor to be opposed to Classical Western Medicine. People often choose medicine over chiropractic because it is what they are comfortable and familiar with. Sometimes medicine is the absolute best choice for them at the moment they’re seeking care.

Chiropractic has some success in helping people course correct when something goes wrong with their lives. The same is true of medicine. Both are used most often as management tools for chronic conditions once they are present in someone who is choosing to take a passive role in the pursuit of health or healing.

Most people would be better off seeking chiropractic care as an adjunct to other healthy lifestyle choices in order to achieve their potential in life. But that’s not the way most people live. Chiropractic care optimizes the well being of the human nerve system which controls and coordinates all the other body systems. The nerve system is what we experience life through. It’s dysfunction is a limiting factor in our ability to express out potential. But for that to matter you first have to be actively working to find the limits of your potential.

Why don’t people take a more active role in their lives?

The reality is that most people don’t think about their health in advance because of evolutionary biology. Humans are programmed to focus on our needs and desires in the present, and discipline coupled with forethought and planning are skills humans as a species haven’t mastered yet. So Classical Western Medicine, and condition based chiropractic care, exist for when people fall apart due to neglect or accident/biological limitation. Chiropractic as a healthy lifestyle choice exists for the people with the discipline and forethought to plan ahead for a life they want versus a life of chance. Planning and action will beat luck almost every time.

But vaccines?

There is no such thing as a free lunch in biology. Everything has consequences. Sometimes the consequences are severe, sometimes they are minimal. Vaccine courts exist to compensate biological outliers who experience severe reactions and can prove causation to a legal standard. Vaccine courts do not prove causation to a medical research standard.

It’s possible that the cost of immunizing some people is a shift in the way the immune systems of the human species works in general. Developing immunization through vaccine injection is not natural. Even when it works, it is probably the suboptimal manner of developing immunity. Does that make it wrong? I don’t know enough to say one way or the other. So I keep my mouth shut about it most of the time.

Are vaccines are completely safe all of the time for everyone? No, of course not. Nothing in medicine is ever completely safe. There are always outliers and poor responders; there will always be people who do not become immunized as a result of vaccination – the two are not the same. And some people are likely to respond poorly to vaccination because of various factors that may include genetics and environment.

But there are other people who weather a vaccination just fine with zero or minimal adverse effects and become immunized against whatever the vaccine’s target organism is.

It’s impossible to know who will be in which group right now. The consequences at either end of the spectrum are weighty and I’m not interested in forecasting someones child’s future on the little I know about the subject. What I choose for my own children is my own concern. I encourage anyone interested in vaccination to educate themselves on the subject from quality and reputable resources. We live in an era rife with confirmation bias. I choose to be an authority on chiropractic not medicine.

We should all have the right to choose what goes into our bodies. That is my vaccination stance.

Conspiracy theories…

Something I find incredibly bothersome is the degree of focus on conspiracy theory within the chiropractic profession. People with extreme views are perceived as having many negative character traits. When personality traits of people with extremist views are researched what we find is that they are less agreeable, less neurotic, and more open than people without extreme views. In other words, these people are open to new ideas, more likely to have confidence in their ability to be right, and more likely to share their opinions – which they hold so confidently they present them as facts.

To become a chiropractor sort of requires a high amount of openness, and to remain a chiropractor requires a certain amount of disagreeableness – not necessarily in a bad way, it’s simply the capacity to stand up for what you know to be right even if it runs counter to the way things are done in society at large. Chiropractic is an underutilized healing method and much of that comes from public perceptions of our role. Someone has to be disagreeable enough to say “No, that’s not all we do, we are about a whole lot more than just neck and back pain”, or they’re not going to be serving their community to the degree they are technically capable of.

In defense of my colleagues, we were the target of a conspiracy by the American Medical Association to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession. This was proven in a court of law. Wilk vs. AMA was the name of the case, and chiropractic came out ahead. The AMA was found guilty of antitrust law violations and ordered to stand down. Our survival as a profession required us to look for and defeat conspiracies against us, so naturally we continue to be hyper vigilant.

It’s nice to think someone is in control… even if they are evil

My personal belief about conspiracy theories is that we engage in them because we find them comforting. It’s nice to think that human beings are in control of the world and we aren’t wholly subject to the whims of nature. If humans can engineer the environment, if they can modify and control genetics and behavior, if mind control is real… then someone is in control. Those people might be evil, but they are still human beings, and the idea that another group of humans is capable of controlling the world means that we could control the world too – if only we were able to upend the current order and take over.

The healthcare conspiracy

When businessmen get together to develop their annual business strategy we don’t call it a conspiracy, we call it business. When those decisions affect our lives we stop calling it business and reframe it into a conspiracy. But it’s really just business. The people who produce narcotic painkillers aren’t part of a global depopulation and mind control conspiracy. They make painkillers. They make more money if they sell more painkillers. So they hire sales reps who get fired if they fail to meet sales quotas and rewarded with bonuses if they exceed them. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s business.


I know a few pilots. I went to high school with them. I’ve been their doctor. They’re pretty cool people. And they are either part of a global conspiracy to spray the world with weather and mind controlling chemicals, or they are not, or they are oblivious to their surroundings as massive quantities of chemicals are moved around the airports they work in and secret pilots spread them over standard flight routes. What do I think the answer is? I don’t think about the question beyond what I just laid out here. I asked a pilot friend about it and he laughed. Maybe my friend is evil. Or perhaps it’s such an absurd theory he couldn’t stop laughing. I no longer leave my drinks unattended around pilots…

My Stance

I stand for the maximal health expression of the human species and Planet Earth and I don’t believe the two can be separated. I don’t believe that can be achieved by anything but humanity working together in harmony with the ecosystems that surround us. That is what The Wild Chiro is all about.

Books by The Wild Chiro

Read Operating System Nature: The Birth of The Traditon by Dr. Peter J. Fox on Amazon

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