The Great Diet Fad that never Was

I’ve been noticing a lot of shifts in diet fads recently. Mostly it’s because I’m super bummed that #glutenfree isn’t trendy anymore and it’s been replace by #vegan. I’m one of those 1/100 people who can’t actually eat gluten, so now going out to eat is a huge pain in the ass again because #vegan and #glutenfree aren’t the same thing, even if food service workers insist that they are. But I rant and digress from the main purpose of this post, which is to point out the ever changing nature of what foods people should eat and ask you if you are frustrated by all the conflicting information out there.

This post started out in 2010. Google in 2010 was ultra badass compared to 2019. This was back before the great commercialization of the internet. E-commerce was still in its infancy and SEO wasn’t really a thing, so you could enter a search term, and instead of finding 1000 entries for commercial organizations trying to sell you a product or service tangentially related to your search term, you could come across fascinating random items that were far more useful if knowledge was your goal.

Random Discovery of Patented Diet

It was while searching the up and coming dietary trend of that time period, #paleo, that I came across a US patent application for a diet based upon wild African game meat, using the same species that would have been eaten by our ancient African ancestors some 20,000 years ago. It appeared as though the guy who filed for the patent wanted to set up a game ranch somewhere in Africa, then supply these wild animals for food to #hardcorepaleo folks, or maybe just people who really needed or wanted to get healthy all around the world.

Of course I didn’t just come across this patent by looking for general Paleo Diet information, my search was more specific. I was looking for information on the health benefits of secondary plant compounds in animal meats. In case you were unaware, most deer hunters prefer meat from animals that graze on corn or acorns over deer that spend most of their time in swamps eating whatever it is that deer eat in swamps. The meat from those deer has a much “gamier” flavor and is considered less desirable than the deer that come from farmland and have a flavor profile closer to beef.

  • The ultimate wild game flavors for me are sage browser Pronghorn Antelope (related to the giraffe and not deer or antelope) and lichen browsed Caribou

All of those flavors come from plant compounds in those animals diets that have found their way into the meat. Many of those plant compounds have potential health benefits. When we eat grain fed beef or even grass fed beef, we miss out on the complexity of plant compounds that comes from a diet of several different animal species that eats a broad range of plants and concentrates their compounds in meat after processing them through the liver, rendering them non toxic for us.

Where did this diet go?

I tried to look up the information on this diet and simply couldn’t find anything. I had made a copy of the original patent application, but it’s on a hard drive that was recycled, and now Google is simply a behemoth of commerce, and random information like this requires a very specific search entry to find. It’s just not worth my time and obviously his diet failed or had only marginally success or it would have popped up on the Google search for it.

Ironically this diet would have been absolutely badass, especially if it contained a broad spectrum of wild plant foods to go along with it. In generally my approach to diet is to eat whole plant and animal foods, as close to their wild genetics as possible.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about fads. They’re everywhere. A current nutritional fad is medicinal mushrooms. I actually laughed out loud when I found out this was a huge trend this year, since I had been wild harvesting medicinal mushrooms and using them for a decade now, and recommended them in my chiropractic practice years ago to be met with dubious expressions in most instances. That’s cool though, Im glad people are getting into them. They’ve literally saved my life before and I’m very grateful to them.

But how do you make heads or tails of what is good or bad?

This is the tough part of dealing with trends, they come and go, and this years essential is next years liver toxic, cancer causing, demon.

But you know what has never gone out of style? – Having a healthy nerve system and good posture with amazing biomechanics during movements.

Those things underly all the rest.

If your nerve system is in chaos and bleeding energy or failing to accurately assess your situation and make appropriate choices for adapting to the world around you, you cannot be healthy no matter how many vegetables, medicinal mushroom teas, cacao smoothies, or bulletproof coffees you eat or drink.

If you have awful biomechanics while you move, no amount of anti-inflammatory this or that will ever ward off arthritis or musculoskeletal injuries forever. At some point you have to correct your movement/posture if you want to heal.

This is why a healthy spine will never be a trend, it’s a freaking reality that stands at the base of all that necessary for someone to actually be healthy.

And that is what the Wild Chiro is all about!

Photo by Arne Smith on Unsplash


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